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Charging points installed

We have now installed 28 charging points in our garage. Many thanks for your patience before and during the installation process. Below you will find valuable information for all residents regarding use/pricing etc.

How can I use the charging point?

You first need to notify the BRF board via e-mail ( that you are interested in using the charging point.

Disengaged due to administration fee

Most charging points are currently deactivated to avoid the running cost of 180 SEK that Vattenfall charges for administering them in an active state.

Charging via Ingcharge

If your charging point is already activated, you need to download the app: Incharge and create a profile where you register your payment details and pay for your electricity consumption. The app is free and you only pay for your electricity consumption.

You activate the charge through the app. The code for your charging point is at the top right of your charging point and each outlet has an individual code that you should be able to find in the app.

Charging through card

The other option to activate the charging is via a charging brick (small disk) or a charging card that you can "blip" on the charging box. It works for both our private and public Incharge charging points. You can order these here:

How much does it cost to charge my electric car?

There are two prices that apply to those who want to recharge:

  • 150 SEK/month for the charging point This amount is added to your monthly statement and covers BRF's investment costs.

  • 3 SEK/KwH for electricity consumption You pay this amount to Vattenfall for your electricity consumption. The price per KwH is set by the board and is based on a high spot price on the electricity exchange. We will review our electricity contracts and the possibilities of adjusting the price in the long term.

What effect do I get?

The charging points will have an effect of 11 KwH, which means that you will be able to charge a car with an 80 KwH battery in approximately seven hours calculated from 0-100%.

What happens if my charging point stops working?

Firstly contact BRF's board via e-mail and then you call Vattenfall (Tel. 020-52 62 00). We have a five-year warranty on all charging points valid until 2028, which includes error reports and support.

Contact the board with questions

We hope that these charging points will act as an appreciated addition to the house and all its residents. Do not hesitate to contact the board if you have any questions.


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