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SORT CORRECTLY - For a greener living environment

We have special containers outside doors 10 and 12 to separate food waste and general waste more efficiently. We are delighted to contribute to a greener future, and we rely on your help to make this as smooth as possible!

Here's how it works:

  1. Food Waste Bags Please, use only the designated container for food waste bags. Food waste includes peels, leftovers from meals, and other organic materials. It helps us produce more nutrients for our soil instead of ending up in regular waste.

  2. General Waste Use plastic bags for general waste. We kindly ask you to avoid using paper bags for general waste; instead, these should be sorted in the recycling station. Keeping general waste in plastic bags reduces the risk of leakage and keeps our waste station cleaner and more pleasant for everyone.

  3. Recycling Paper bags are to be used only for paper products. Let's make sure our recycling area remains free from general waste and plastic.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to reach out.

Best regards,

The Board of Brf Herrgårdsparken


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