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Important information regarding the Association Meeting on the 19th of May

Bostadsrättsföreningen Herrgårdsparken will have its annual general meeting on 19 May 2022.

The board would like to inform that during the general meeting, only tenant-owners have the right to vote. Motions must be submitted in writing to the board no later than 11th April 2022 in the association's mailbox at Skagafjordsgatan 14.

The motion should include why you are submitting the proposal in question and what you suggest should be done. The motion must be dated, signed by the proposer and provided with name clarification and apartment number.

Anonymous motions will not be processed.

About 14 days before the meeting, all members will receive

  • Notice of the meeting incl. place and time

  • Agenda

  • Annual report

  • Submitted motions

  • Information about powers of attorney

Also note that this year's "spring meeting" will be Sunday the 15th of May, book these dates.

with kind regards,

The Board of Members


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