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House rules



We all have the privilege of living in a really nice tenant-owner association. In order for us all to thrive and feel good here, we have 14 important rules of conduct that we must all follow. Together we make our accommodation a place where everyone can enjoy themselves!


Heartfelt greetings,

The board at Brf Herrgårdsparken


July 2020

General Care

General Care

We care for our beaufiful house and take great care with common areas and property. All of us get to pay for anything that breaks outside of our appartments, that's why it's important to keep eberything up to date.

Should something happen on your watch please contact the board or property management company.

Only the board can order maintenance and repairs.

Färgglada balkonger mot trädgården
Safety is everything



Safety is everything


Check that the outer door always locks after you have passed. Do not let anyone in that you do not know. Ask them to call the person they are going to visit via the intercom.

If you are traveling and will be away for a longer period of time, please let the board and neighbors know.

Brevlådor på grön vägg
Everybody pays







Everybody pays

Remember to be frugal with water and especially hot water.


Replace gasket on dripping taps.

Rinnande vattenkran med blomma
Balcony and Patio

Balcony and patio


For everyone's comfort, we do not use the balcony or patio as an extra storage for storage.

We must not have things on the balcony that should not normally be there, such as winter tires, bicycles, boxes, etc. 

We are also not allowed to shake carpets from the balcony or patio with regard to our neighbors.

Flower boxes are always hung on the inside of the balcony railing.

Träd, grönska och färgglada balkonger
No Smoking



No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all our common areas. We show consideration for each other because many are sensitive to cigarette smoke. Common areas also mean all entrances. Please step a few meters away from the building to smoke.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts out through windows, balconies or patios.

Rökning förbjuden











You may only use electric and gas grills on your balcony or patio.

Grillspett med färgglad mat
Feeding of birds







Feeding of birds


Although birds are nice to look at, we do not feed them within our property because remnants of bird food attract pests.

Fågel på grön bakgrund
Bikes and prams


Bikes and prams


We have great bicycle storage and several bicycle racks outside the gates.


In addition, we have pram storage in all entrances. Children's bicycles up to seven years old, or where the tire size is up to 12 inches, can also be stored in our pram storage. All other toys can be stored in your apartment.

Ask the board if you are unsure of what applies.

Cyklar i cykelförråd
The Recycling station



The Recycling station


We are very careful about how we sort inside our environmental station. Because we care about the environment, we have camera surveillance and charge SEK 1,000 for breaches of rules regarding sorting. Everything you are unsure of how to sort, you must take to a larger environmental station.

Read more Here.

Gröna soptunnor i miljöstation, soprum
Satellite dishes




Satellite dishes


It is not permitted to set up / mount satellite dish antennas on either the facade, balcony railing, door frames or in the ceiling above your balcony.


The dish must not protrude beyond your balcony railing.

Hammare och skiftnyckel samt spikar
Show consideration

Show consideration

Avoid loud noices in the apartment, entrances and stairwells. It is extra important that it is quiet between 22 PM and 07:00 AM.


If you need to drill, nail or saw, you do it on weekdays between 07 - 20:00 or public holidays 10-18: 00. It's always fun to party, but feel free to put up a note and inform your neighbors in advance.


The law looks very strictly at disturbances and in the worst case you can be evicted.

Folk som skålar med färgglada drinkar









You must contact the board if you're going to sublet the apartment. 

Andrahandsuthyrning hemnycklar nycklar
Flat maintenance




Flat maintenance

We are responsible for the maintenance of our apartments. If something breaks, we are responsible for material and repair costs. Therefore, it is important to keep an extra eye on wet areas so that nothing starts to leak. This can incur huge costs.

Elektriker lagar eluttag



Minor changes can be made in your apartment. For example, laying new floors, setting up new cabinets or replacing appliances in the kitchen. But if you want to make major changes, you need permission from the board. Examples of major changes are taking down a wall or pulling new pipes in kitchens and bathrooms. Sometimes even a building registration is needed.


Always contact the board before you start.

Stege i grönt rum


Never rinse grease in the sink. The grease gets out in the pipes and builds concrete-hard lumps that cause plumming issues.

Before washing the frying pan, wipe it off with kitchen paper and place the paper in the food waste bag.

Pour the remaining oil from what you have fried in a pet-bottle and throw it in the food waste rubbish, or leave it at an environmental station.

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