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We have charging posts for electric cars!

Charging post for electric car
The installation of charging posts for electric cars is finished

As we previously informed, the installation of charging posts for charging an electric car has now been completed. The installation was carried out by Miljöbelysning in Täby and was partly financed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's initiative "Klimatklivet", which provides investment support for initiatives that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The most cost-effective solution for us was to convert three existing engine heater poles into "combination control panels" equipped with both engine heater sockets and charging sockets.

Since some weeks ago, we now have the following charging options:

  • Two 3-phase type 2 sockets 3.7-22kwh sockets (suitable for charging electric cars eg Tesla) - Parking space 18/19

If you want to use one of these charging stations, it costs SEK 300 / month in extra cost.

  • Four 1-phase type 2 sockets 3.7kwh socket (suitable for charging plug-in hybrid cars) - Parking space 4-7

As the charging possibilities are limited to these parking spaces physically, we must prepare for the fact that there will be some changes of parking spaces to meet this. We start by taking an inventory of the interest in charging posts and therefore ask those who have requests for charging options to contact someone on the board.

More information will be coming about this as we've decided upon charge.


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